‘Lobo’ Screenwriter Reveals The Comic Run That’s Inspiring His Script

supergirl-lobo-arrowverse-easter-eggVeteran DC screenwriter, Jason Fuchs, is returning to the DC Extended Universe after his successful contributions to Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. This time around, Fuchs has been tasked with bringing the fan favorite character Lobo to the big screen.

For those not in the know, Lobo is DC’s interstellar bounty hunter. Originally penned as a hardened villain, in recent years he has been more of an anti-hero straight out of Sons of Anarchy. Armed with a leather vest and a cosmic motorcycle, Lobo is himself a parody of the comics aesthetic of the 90’s. A parody that fans unironically fell in love with and this love over the years has landed Lobo his very own movie.

Speaking to LRM, Fuchs had this to say on the direction he intends to take Lobo:

“I think when you’re working on comic book characters, especially ones that are near and dear to my heart, like Wonder Woman and Lobo are, you want to create something that’s true to what the original text are. I think Wonder Woman really captures the feeling of — not only the original Moulton Marston comics, but the George Perez run in the late-80s. It feels like reading those comics up on the big screen. So for something like Lobo, without saying too much about it, it’ll feel, I imagine, quite different, because the Lobo comic itself is quite different. What Keith Giffen and Alan Grant put together was something really unique, and hopefully we’ll capture some of that same spirit when we make the movie.”

The run of comics Fuchs is referring to saw Lobo on a revenge quest to kill the person who wrote an unauthorized biography on his life, the Easter Bunny put a hit out on Santa Claus, and hundreds of Lobo’s illegitimate children band together to kill their father. If even a fraction of that makes it to the screen, it’ll be one heck of a movie.

What are your thoughts on Giffen and Grant’s Lobo run? What stories would you like to see adapted for Lobo? Sound off in the comments below!

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The Top 5 Alternate Versions Of Batman In DC Comics

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Batman DCOne of the reasons Batman is such a popular character is the fact that he works in multiple kinds of stories. Even though he’s a dark, tragic character, the character works in all kinds of mediums. Projects like Batman: Brave and the Bold can exist alongside The Dark Knight and no one argues that one version of the hero is more authentic than another. The world around the character doesn’t matter as long as Bruce Wayne is still a man on a mission who will never stop waging his one-man war on crime.

Over the years, multiple versions of Batman have popped up in DC Comics. Thanks to Elseworld stories that examine the character in different lights and certain in-canon changes to Batman, Bruce Wayne has changed multiple times.

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