‘Logan’ Director James Mangold Slams MPAA PG Rating

Wolverine Rage Movie MomentsIn a recent interview, Logan director James Mangold Slams the Motion Picture Association of America’s PG Rating in relation to violence.

The 54-year-old director spoke to the people at The Credits wherein he talked about how desensitizing deaths are in PG/PG-13 rated film:

“I have a lot of misgivings about violence and PG ratings. A PG film might show hundreds of people dying, falling off buildings, getting mowed down by rapid fireguns, but you don’t feel the deaths because the ratings system dictates the amount of agony being played by the actor. In a weird way, that makes violence more palatable because when we excise the upsetting bits, we de-sensitize ourselves to death to the point where it’s almost like shooting ducks at a carnival.”

He then went on to explain why he and and the creative team decided to go for a hard R rating with Logan and how that affected the film making process:

We wrote a movie about a character struggling with the PTSD from three lifetimes of mayhem and violence, so it was important to feel the toll all that bloodshed has taken on Logan’s soul. This movie could not legally be marketed to children, which means there’s no Happy Meals, no action figures, no advertising on Saturday morning cartoons. I don’t have to worry about the attention span of a 12-year old. I don’t have keep the story ‘up-cut’ to keep kids engaged. I only have to think about pleasing grown-ups. From writing onward through the directing, I had the freedom to make a more sophisticated movie.

Logan was released last year to massive critical praise and box office success, with many touting the film as not only the best X-Men film but the best superhero film since The Dark Knight. The film achieved a 93% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed over $616M on a $97M budget. It has since become the first superhero film since The Dark Knight to be nominated for a non-special effects Oscar Nomination with a nod for Best Adapted Screenplay. Sounds like the decision just might have payed off.

Logan is currently available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD.

Source: The Credits

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