Ryan Reynolds Wants A Deadpool/Wolverine Movie; Thinks ‘Logan’ Will Be Oscar Contender

Logan Wolverine

If Ryan Reynolds is to be believed, Logan could be the first superhero Oscar nominee for best picture. Since the snub of The Dark Knight back in 2009, the best picture category was expanded to a possible 10 slots, yet since then no comic-book film has been nominated.

Reynolds expects Logan to turn the tides as the drama is more of a character study than a straight action film.

“‘Logan’ looks like a movie that might break that glass ceiling. I know first-hand that it’s amazing. I’ve seen some of it. It’s mind-blowing. It relies a lot on character.”

Granted, given the expanded slots for best picture, some are even thinking Deadpool could be up for nomination and beat Logan to it. FOX has been running a campaign for the anti-hero’s film, so should the tides turn in their favor, Wolverine and Deadpool could both get nominations.

Hugh Jackman himself backs a potential Deadpool nom.

“When I hosted the Oscars, ‘Batman’ didn’t get nominated, and everyone was talking about it. It’s a stretch to say these are injustices in life — we are happy and making movies. But I love it when someone like Ryan gets recognized. These big-budget or comic book movies are not easy to pull off.”

With the two films nearing Oscar potential, a film with both characters would undoubtedly rake in the bucks. Reynolds has been a big proponent of bringing the characters together, while Jackman is a bit hesitant. On top of Jackman’s reservations, he has previously stated Logan to be his final outing as Wolverine.

“I would love to play Deadpool for as long as they would let me play Deadpool,” said Reynolds. “We have outlines and stories for a number of different films.”

“I’m hesitating,” said Jackman. “Because I could totally see how that’s the perfect fit. But the timing may be wrong.”

“I have no idea if I can change his mind,” Reynolds said. “It’s the audience: I would exclusively exploit that relationship to get Hugh back for another one.”

Looks like the fans may be the ones required to convince Jackman to suit up once more as Wolverine for a Deadpool crossover.

Source: Variety

Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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