Lucifer Recap: ‘Manly Whatnots‘


The following recap of Lucifer contains spoilers for “Manly Whatnots”

Lucifer seems to be trapped between two worlds, much like our main character. This is not a typical comic book inspired TV series; instead it feels more like a “crime of the week” show with comic book lore sprinkled in. Episode four continues that pattern but does give glimpses into the main storyline, which if explored could really elevate the show to a more intense and captivating level.

“Manly Whatnots” opens with Chloe Decker (Lauren German) experiencing a home invasion, which leaves her compromised and completely naked. The invader is none other than Lucifer (Tom Ellis) making her breakfast.

After once again being thrown out of Decker’s house, Lucifer goes to Linda, his therapist, to once again try to talk through his issues. Why does Decker continue to resist his abilities and dismiss his advances?

Linda explains that people don’t have power over us and instead, he needs to be able to take back the power and really get to know her. This would bring her back down to his level by demystifying her. In order for the demystifying to start, Lucifer decides Decker must sleep with him.

This episode quickly turns into another “crime of the week” when Dan (Kevin Alejandro) brings Decker a new case. Lindsay Jolson, a new L.A. resident, is now missing after catering a Player’s Club event. At these events, men are taught how to pick up highly sought after women. The only way to learn more about the event and get closer to solving Lindsay’s disappearance is to send Decker undercover along with Lucifer, who is already on the guest list for this exclusive event.

Lucifer arrives in stylish and suave fashion. After listening to the open remarks by program inventor Carver, which include “Eye of the Tiger” as a soundtrack, Lucifer doubts the system and calls out such programs as fake. This over the top scene results in the two getting kicked out, with no further leads on Lindsay.

Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) has been making quick appearances throughout these opening episodes and returns in “Manly Whatnots.” This is refreshing and much needed, returning audiences back to some of the over arching storylines, instead of the traditional “crime of the week.”

Amenadiel wants to get Lucifer back to Hell but Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) puts up an intense and thrilling fight. This is easily one of the best scenes within this show. It has action, a strong comic book feel and advances the main storyline of Lucifer returning to Hell.

Meanwhile, in a dramatic and risky move to get Decker into bed, Lucifer invites her over for drinks while being completely shirtless. The attempt doesn’t go as planned, instead Decker sees that Lucifer has severe scaring on his back, from his wings being removed. Yet another hint towards his true origins but Decker continues to doubt.

Lucifer uses his nightclub to throw the after-party for the Player’s Club event, allowing Decker to question Carver, who has been dating Lindsay for the past four months. Carver was told that if cops were involved in this disappearance that she would be killed.  Leaving the kidnapped negotiation to be handled by the devil himself.

The handoff for Lindsay’s life quickly go sideways, as it turns out, Lindsay had been behind her own kidnapping with help from her brother. Carver took her virginity years ago and he didn’t recognize her once she arrived in Los Angeles. Hell has no fury like a women scorned.

Lucifer immediately wants to punish Lindsay for what she has done but Decker wants to protect Lindsay, following the letter of the law. In order to do so she ends up shooting Lucifer. Lucifer starts to actually feel pain and bleeds, which proves his immortality is fading and that rules on Earth might be very different from Hell.

Mazikeen learns of these events and stresses the importance of returning to Hell but for Lucifer the fun has only just begun.

Lucifer is only four episodes in but fan theories are already circulating. Could Decker be God in a different form? Will the show actually take audiences down to into Hell?

Lucifer tries to be a traditional “crime of the week” show, while not forgetting its comic book origins but hopefully the show will embrace a darker, more hell inspired tone as the series develops.

(Chelsea Lewis)

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