Lucifer Recap: S1E5 ‘Sweet Kicks’


The following recap of Lucifer contains spoilers for “Sweet Kicks.”

Last week Lucifer (Tom Ellis) was confronted with his increasing mortality. While Lucifer continues to enjoy his Los Angeles vacation away from his responsibilities, Hell still exists without a ruler.

This episode opens with Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) attending a high-end shoe fashion show with Lucifer, she is becoming increasingly concerned about the fact that Lucifer was shot and bled. Lucifer seems to be embracing this newfound danger, calling it “fun with mortality.” Mazikeen is charged with protecting and monitoring Lucifer, no matter what.

Quickly the danger escalates as shots are fired during the exclusive event, resulting in a young woman being trampled to death. Chloe Decker (Lauren German) is put on the case and isn’t able to avoid Lucifer.

Lucifer has a taste for danger and wants in on the police action, since Decker won’t work with him anymore, he goes above and beyond to the Lieutenant. This allows Lucifer to become a liaison for the department, once again being paired with Decker.

Lucifer has been a friend with the infamous shoe designer, Benny Choi, since the start of his career and he is questioned regarding the shooting at his event. Turns out that this incident was routed in gang wars, the Latin Kings versus Asian Boyz. Choi was a part of the Boyz crew growing up.

After making the first connection in the case, Lucifer convinces Decker to get a drink at a local cop hangout. It’s explained that in fact, individuals can make a deal with the Devil and that many people jump at the chance to do so.

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) arrives at the nightclub that Lucifer owns and makes it clear, if Lucifer wants to continue to work with his ex-wife, he needs to protect her. This is the first time that we really see the connection that Dan has and how he feels about Decker. This emotional interaction seems to have even had an impact on Lucifer.

Lucifer and Decker question the Latin Kings to further understand their involvement in the shooting. Turns out that Yellow Viper, a local graffiti artist fresh out of prison, has a main beef with Benny and that another body has been found, this time the beloved pet, Pig Diddy, of Benny.

While talking with Yellow Viper, Latin Kings arrive ready for revenge. Putting Lucifer and Decker in the middle of an intense gang war, just the danger that Lucifer has been looking for. Before the danger becomes real, Mazikeen arrives and single handily takes out the gangs. Mazikeen must take care of Lucifer, even if she disagrees with the course of action he is taking currently.

Yellow Viper had a gun, matching the one used at the original crime scene, in his bag. Lucifer uses his “interrogation” skills to talk with Viper, who explains that he just wants to focus on his art and wouldn’t shoot anyone.

In a classic crime twist, Benny Choi was behind the set up, in order to take out Viper, his main competition. With this case being successfully solved, Lucifer is officially brought on to the department as a liaison tasked with being partners with Decker.

With the focus being on the “crime of the week” element, it was refreshing to experience a scene with both Mazikeen and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside). Bringing the story back to its supernatural origins. Mazikeen wants to help Amenadiel return Lucifer back to Hell. Despite her best efforts, Lucifer refuses, so she gives Amenadiel a tip about the therapist that Lucifer has been confiding in. Linda is swept away by Amenadiel and agrees to a drink with him.

While Mazikeen promises to continue to look after Lucifer, she is also keeping a close eye on Decker; leaving us wondering which team she is really on.

Lucifer feels like it is on the edge of becoming something great but once again we focus on the “crime of the week” storyline. The moments between Mazikeen and Amenadiel stood out and showed off that yet again the supernatural elements add a layer of complexity and interest to the show.



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