Lucifer Recap: ‘The Would-Be Prince of Darkness’

The following recap of Lucifer contains spoilers for “The Would-Be Prince of Darkness”

Fox’s Lucifer has shown audiences within the first two episodes that this show isn’t going to be a typical comic book inspired TV series. Instead, we see the complex range that this story wants to explore. Lucifer contains humor, darkness and extreme sarcasm in a way that feels refreshingly imaginative. This third episode delivers yet another innovate chapter in the Lucifer story.

“The Would-Be Prince of Darkness” opens with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) attending a Hollywood party, where he meets a college football superstar, Ty, who is still a virgin despite being a famous and attractive athlete. With a little hell persuasion, Ty is set on a sinful and sexual path.

Chloe Decker (Lauren German) continues to search for answers regarding how Lucifer is able to manipulate individuals but before she can make any progress, she is quickly drawn into another crime scene. A young woman is found dead in a pool, after spending the night with Ty.

Evidence turns up that ties Ty to the murder and he is immediately placed under arrest. While investigating the crime scene, Decker continues to grow suspicious of Lucifer. Banishing him from the crime scene.

When Lucifer arrives to drink his problems away after being shut out by Decker, Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) explains that his identity has been stolen and the person behind the theft has gone on an eating spree at Zany Wing. This is clearly diluting the Lucifer brand and sends him into a downward spiral.

Turns out that Ty’s agent hired this young woman to have sex with Ty at the party and in the agent’s mind this was the best way for his star quarterback to get over his ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend quickly becomes another person who would have had motive to murder the young lady, until her own car is blown up, moments before she enters it.

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) explains that a very powerful Hollywood fixer was already hired to help manage this murder case, but she won’t come anywhere near police…thus Lucifer becomes the perfect man for the job. The meeting doesn’t go as plan, as she has already learned that Lucifer has had his identify stolen and that word is getting around that he isn’t as pleasing in the bedroom as he claims to be with women. Turns out these rumors, are all because of his identity theft situation.

Lucifer continues his relationship, both emotionally and physically with Linda, his therapist. Their interactions seem to take away from the main storyline and are the least captivating portions of the episodes. While important for plot development, it seems to take away from the action and witty dialogue that the show has become centered on.

Lucifer comes face to face with Justin, the infamous identity thief. Justin simply wanted to be able to get chicks and free drinks but after an extreme confrontation with the thief, Lucifer lets him go, without any torture. Showing yet another crack in his Devil armor. The more time that he is spending on Earth, the softer he is becoming. Turning away from Hell and embracing more of Earth.  

After an expansion investigation, Ty’s agent was behind the murder, in order to gain leverage against his client. This way Ty would never leave him. Lucifer has flashes on intense anger and his devil like ways when confronting the agent but he once again proves that he is embracing more of his humanity and moving away from his hellish background.

The episode concludes with Decker coming even closer to making the connection between Lucifer and his mysterious background.

The show is at its best when Decker and Lucifer are interacting, trying to one up each other and figure the other out. It’s their relationship that grounds this show while also making it enormously entertaining.

Lucifer continues to be an energetic and captivating show, continuing with its “crime of the week” storyline. While this is a good formula, the show could benefit from adding a main villain or by running a through line. This would really help bring fans into the show for seasons to come.  

Lucifer airs Monday at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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