Luke Cage Is Seen Kissing A Certain Someone In ‘The Defenders’ Set Photos


The Defenders is currently shooting in New York City and already it has fans excited. Not only will the show include the lead characters from Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, but the Marvel Netflix series will also star some of the aforementioned shows’ best supporting characters as well. Elektra, Karen Page, Misty Knight, Trish Walker, and more will be appearing in the series.

Beware of spoilers for The Defenders below.

However, it’s Claire Temple, who has been the tether that links all of the shows together, that will be the most exciting to see, especially now that all the characters will be sharing screen time. And it’s about time that Claire gets to have, and hopefully keep, some sense of a love life. So far, it looks like she’s getting that with Luke Cage.

In the set photos, which you can see here, Claire and Luke are seen kissing passionately after he gets off a bus returning him to Harlem. In Luke Cage, Luke and Misty shared a brief attraction and sleep together, but it seems like Luke is sticking with Claire. Besides that, there’s not much else happening in the photos.

In the comics, Luke is married to Jessica Jones, but Jessica Jones kind of screwed up that relationship when Luke found out that Jessica was involved in his wife’s death. If they ever get them back together, they’re going to have a lot of issues to sort through.

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