Luke Hemsworth Cautiously Optimistic About ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Renewal


In an interview with The Wrap, Westworld star Luke Hemsworth (brother of Chris and Liam) was cautiously optimistic about a second season of HBO’s new sci-fi drama. Check out the full interview below!

“Still no word! Everyone keeps saying, ‘Yeah, today, tomorrow, yup,’ so all the signs are there. Still no official word, but hopefully it’s all good.”

The show premiered strong over a month ago, giving HBO the best debut for a drama since True Detective‘s first season. Ratings have been steady but took a hit a few weeks ago when AMC’s The Walking Dead premiered its seventh season in the same 9 p.m. time slot. The pay-cable network recently went through a management transition, leading to the cancellation of dud Vinyl despite its initial second season renewal, and the new president of progamming Casey Bloys indicated that the network would be more judicious with renewals in the future.

Much of the time in between the first six episodes were spent by fans theorizing, particularly about whether the story of Westworld is taking place in one timeline or two. Hemsworth declined to fuel the fire.

“I can’t speculate on that because I know what’s happening. I’m not gonna give it away and it’ll ruin it for you!”

He also teased tonight’s episode “Trompe L’Oeil,” which is rumored to have a big reveal of some kind.

“There’s some amazing stuff coming up. The next episode, Episode 7, is wonderful. To be any more specific than that would be to ruin the experience for everyone. So I’ll just say, if you’re not watching, you’re probably not living.”

“Trompe L’Oeil” airs tonight at 9 p.m. on HBO. Check out the episode trailer here. Catch up on the latest Westworld theories with our compendium and check out our previous episode reviews at the links below. Plus we have a full breakdown of the first half of Wesworld‘s epic first season. For more of our Westworld coverage, click here.

  1. “The Original” 
  2. “Chestnut”
  3. “The Stray”
  4. “Dissonance Theory”
  5. “Contrapasso”
  6. “The Adversary”

Source: The Wrap

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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  • Brownstones19

    they better not cancel

    • Rosaliemvance

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  • Unlucky in Kentucky

    Don’t find myself caring that much about it.

  • bingeit 45

    it will be a sad day if this cancels

  • Carl

    Why wouldn’t it get a Season 2?

    • Axxell

      If the show can’t hold people’s interest, they won’t keep it.

      • Carl

        It doesn’t have a ratings problem. I can only guess that the show writers never intended it to have a second season so maybe they don’t have any ideas on where to take it yet.

        • Axxell

          On the contrary…this show supposedly has enough material for 5 seasons, according to HBO, which makes the slow pace even more confusing.

          • Carl

            You sure? They renewed now but said it might not come til 2018.

          • Axxell

            At least that’s what they’ve been saying…they want this to be their flagship series after the end of GoT.

  • Axxell

    Tonight’s episode was a morsel that this show, IMO, was long overdue for. I appreciate the showrunners slow cooking the plot, but I think waiting 7 episodes for something significant to happen is just a bit too much.

  • 39steps


    There’s a THIRD Hemsworth?