‘Man of Steel 2’: The 10 Best Candidates To Direct The Next Superman Movie

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Henry Cavill Superman DC Extended UniverseNew Year, new opportunities. New Superman movie?

Warner Bros. just appointed Walter Hamada to oversee the DC Films division, marking a new chapter for the franchise going forward. Now all eyes are being drawn to the slate of pictures and what movies are next. While a release date for Man of Steel 2 has not been officially announced by Warner Bros. it is certainly on plenty of fans’ minds, particularly after Justice League showcased a more classic interpretation of the character.

We’ve compiled a list of directors that could make Superman soar again in Man of Steel 2. Hit Next to get started and learn more about them!

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  • razorstar90

    George Milller

  • nelson

    Rian Johnson would be a fantastic choice in my opinion.

  • Patty Jenkins

  • dano

    Duncan Jones

  • Clark

    Cant wait for the MoS sequel. Lets hear some news soon please we all want it so bad

    • Tom of Steel

      It won’t come out until after 2021

  • brilliantson94

    Love that you included female directors as well as women of color. Still I’d love to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s Superman

  • MrGnVA

    Just make sure WB has an actual plan in place and directors they trust to follow that plan…picking a good or interesting director and then crapping all over their vision accomplishes nothing..

    • Tom of Steel

      Clickbait worshiper

  • Arnold #JeSoutiensMrBernie


  • Tom of Steel

    They all suck

  • Maxi Iroh

    What’s wrong with this list?

  • Box Bruceleitner

    Just looking at the two first you can see that this list is compiles by someone with no idea of what he is talking about just un search of easy clicks. The quality of this site keeps dropping