The Man Of Steel #3 Review: Zaar Knows How To Piss Off Superman

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As The Man of Steel picks up the pace, Bendis sets Zaar’s revenge tale on a collision course with Superman. Unfortunately, there are still some dangling plot threads left feeling extraneous. Though the first few issues were something of a mixed bag, Bendis’ vision for Superman and his future become more and more clear with each installment. This may not be the Superman story you want right now, but it’s a promising sign of whats to come.

Again, the strong points of this series fall on the characters. This Superman is just so much fun to hang out with. When Bendis brings in a few other heroes for him to interact with, Superman becomes that much more pleasant. Batman has a brief cameo in this issue. Though Bendis writes a somewhat cartoon-like version of the character in this issue, the interaction is a lot of fun. Less fun is Supergirl’s introduction to the story.

We knew since Action Comics #1000 that Supergirl would be playing a role in this story. Once you read this issue, you’ll be grateful she’s around. She and Clark clearly have a very loving, familial relationship. So, this issue’s tragedy is that much more difficult to see them experience. It’ll make you wish to see the two meet under better circumstances.

While the Zaar story line is coming to a head, the side-plots are becoming a problem. The issue begins as Superman tries to figure out why so many buildings in Metropolis are burning down. We also don’t address the fact that Clark and Lois are allegedly on the rocks. Do we really need any of this right now though? For a six-issue mini-series, this all just feels like filler. To be honest, I’d rather focus on either of those plots than Zaar. However, this series needs to commit to one story because the overall plot is inching along.

Man of Steel hasn’t quite become a slog just yet, but it’s come very close to doing so. In fact, each issue so far has more or less ended the same way. Bendis’ refusal to capitalize on this ending is worrisome and could mean that the battle we’ve been heading to won’t be as impactful as teased. Still, there is fun to be had here. Superman fans will no doubt eat this mini-series up. However, if you’re not a big fan of the character, this story may not be enough to hook you.

Final Score: 6.5/10

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Admittedly, whenever Thanos is in possession of all six infinity stones he is the most powerful being in the universe, but anyone can harness that power if they successfully gather all the necessary components. If anything, Thanos is just incredibly patient and willing to wait to achieve his goals, a trait not many supervillains in DC or Marvel have. With the gauntlet, Thanos is essentially an immortal God who can snap his fingers and turn entire worlds to dust, but without it he’s just another villain who wants to rule the universe. He’s clearly a strong and terrifying guy, but if he were to face any of these villains without his Gauntlet, Thanos would be in big trouble.

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