The Man Of Steel #4 Review: Superman Fights To Avenge Kandor

Superman Man of Steel #4 Review

There are only two more issues of The Man of Steel left before Bendis resumes the standard Action Comics and Superman lines. The last issue was careful to bring stakes to Superman’s battle with Zaar, issue four does not manage to properly capitalize on that emotional potential. This arc has been a bit of a mixed bag so far and it’s still unclear as to whether or not this story will come together in the end.

After three issues of build-up, Superman and Zaar finally meet. Unsurprisingly the two start to fight and Supergirl also gets in a few punches herself. Since Zaar destroyed Kandor in the Fortress of Solitude, both Kryptonians have plenty to fight for here. Still, Kara is the only one who seems at all affected. Bendis does try to explain this away with Superman’s internal monologue, but it still leaves this fight feeling empty.

Bendis is playing with time here in a dangerous way. No, he’s not trying to implement time travel, but the events of this issue seem to take place at three different periods of time. While it’s admirable for Bendis to try and bring such a unique device to Superman, it really does not pay off here in any way. In fact, it makes this issue feel exhausting to read. The action is fun, but the jumbled mess of a plot leaves much to be desired.

While this battle is going on and reunions are being had, one cannot help but wonder what is going on with those dangling plot threads from previous issues, like the fires popping up all over Metropolis. There are only two issues left, and it feels like Bendis has been doing nothing but killing time. Will these subplots just serve as a setup for his future Superman stories? If so, inserting them in this miniseries seems to be a bit of a mistake.

Still, Bendis once again nails the dialogue. Almost every character interaction found in this issue is an absolute blast. However, with no emotional connection to the story, the fun dialogue is much less impressive. The Man of Steel, at this point, feels more like an appetizer than a full meal. We are being teased with big events and while we expect them to occur in this mini-series, it is becoming increasingly more likely they will not.

Maybe this story will play out better in a collected edition. However, as it is right now, The Man of Steel is not worth the hype and certainly not worth picking up every week for a month in a half. If you’re wondering if you should just wait for Bendis’ Action Comics and Superman stories, you can rest assured that you’re really not missing too much over here, aside from some enticing cliffhangers every now and then.

Final Score: 5/10

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