Man of Steel #6 Review: Bendis’ First Superman Story Comes To A Close

Man of Steel 6 Superman Review Benids

Bendis’ first Superman story was an unexpected route for the writer to take. Reading like a collection of fever dreams, the first five issues failed to tell one cohesive story. The central plot featured a new but unspectacular villain and was constantly being derailed by the sub-plots. This mini-series cannot really stand on its own. After six weeks, The Man of Steel feels more like a really long trailer for Bendis’ upcoming Superman and Action Comics stories. However, this final issue not only brings clarity to the events of the previous five but manages to be a more compelling read than everything we’ve gotten from Bendis’ turn at DC so far.

The ending of this issue offers fans an overwhelming feeling of relief. During his time at Marvel, Bendis crafted some of the companies best modern Superhero stories. So, taking on the world’s most famous hero should have been a slam dunk. This mini-series was far from a slam dunk. However, this issue finally allows you to understand just what Bendis has been trying to do for the last six weeks. Sadly, Bendis seemingly wasn’t interested in this story satisfying on its own; it was only intended to set up what’s to come. In this regard, The Man of Steel #6 sticks the landing.

This is really not a story to be read week-to-week. It needed to be one collected edition because the cliffhangers at the end of each issue mostly led to disappointment the following week. Each installment ended with a question and implied that the following issue would answer that question. None of those answers are offered until this final issue. Still, to be fair, they are some pretty great answers.

Superman’s new status quo leaves him and his family in a peculiar but exciting new position for the coming stories Bendis plans to tell. Who’s been starting the fires? Why does Jor- El want Jon? When the hell does any of this take place in The Man of Steel’s continuity? Now that we finally know the answers to these questions, it is clear that Bendis has crafted an effective intro to his Superman run. Filled with levity, amazing character work and expressive art from Jason Fabok, this installment is exactly the finale that this series needed. Hopefully, Bendis will effectively capitalize on the work done here in the months to come.

Final Score: 8/10

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