Mark Hamill Celebrates Female Cosplayer Dressing As Luke Skywalker

Mark Hamill has proven once again just how awesome he can be. A fan, Jessica Bentley, tweeted Hamill and asked him if she could dress up as Luke Skywalker for Comic Con even though she is a girl. Hamill had the perfect response.

She tweeted; @HamillHimself can I go to comic con as Luke Skywalker even though I’m a girl? I’m doing it anyways 🙂 #wigsarefun. She included a photo of the cosplay outfit and holding a green lightsaber.

Skywalker himself responded. He tweeted, “Gender matters not when you’re rocking’ the Force like you are, baby! #FantasicallyForcefulFemme #JoltinJediJessica.”

This article author dressed up as Han Solo for the premiere of The Force Awakens in her hometown and encourages the ladies to full embrace the force. Do you plan on attending any comic cons or cosplaying? Comment below and lets chat!





Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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