Mark Hamill Confirmed to Return as The Joker for ‘Killing Joke’

In a bit of very exciting news Collider has confirmed that Mark Hamill will indeed be providing the voice for The Joker in the upcoming animated film based on the classic Alan Moore storyline.

When asked about whether or not he would be providing the role he tweeted

Collider later reached out through their sources and got confirmation that he has already recorded all of his dialogue for the film.

There was speculation as to whether or not Hamill would be providing the voice seeing as he has stated on multiple occasions that he had wanted to do the voice for an animated adaptation of this story for many years.

Mark Hamill is legendary in the role. He has provided his voice in multiple shows and video games ranging from Batman The Animated Series in the 90’s until recently in being a large part of the Batman Arkham games.

This news is extremely thrilling for me personally because I have always found Hamill to be incredible in the role. His incredible performance in this role has garnered  him a huge fan base that has embraced his interpretations as one of the greatest of all time.

The Killing Joke is one of the greatest Batman stories of all time and was written by comic legend Alan Moore, whose other famous work, Watchmen, is considered one of the greatest graphic novels of all time. If the animated adaptation is faithful to the original story this could be one of DC’s best animated films.  With Mark Hamill providing the voice it is like the icing on the cake for Batman fans.

I know I will be picking up a copy when the film is released sometime in 2016. So how many of you are excited for this? What is your opinion on Mark Hamill’s Joker? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Collider

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