Mark Hamill Looks Back At His Joker Role On ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

Mark Hamill The JokerNerd culture legend Mark Hamill remembers the influence of his starring role as the Joker back in 1992 for Batman: The Animated Series.

To the regular mainstream audience, Mark Hamill dropped off the map after his iconic role as Luke Skywalker for the original Star Wars films. Fans of geek culture would know that Hamill has since taken on multiple voice-acting roles — the most notable being the Joker. In fact, after his iconic portrayal as the Joker, Hamill voiced the Batman villain in most of the character’s iterations, including most animated films and video games.

Hamill took to Twitter to share the impact the role had on his life, grateful for the influence the show would have on his life from there on out.

Check out the Tweet below!

The Joker is set to return in his own origin story with Joaquin Phoenix taking over as the Clown Prince of Crime.

Official plot details are still under wraps but the Joker origin film is to be a gritty and grounded crime film set in 1980s Gotham City, separate from DC’s current shared cinematic universe in an effort to create new and unique storylines as the studio expands DC canon. The story is rumored to feature the Clown Prince of Crime as a failed 1980s comedian who becomes The Joker after bombing with audiences, a deliberate nod to Martin Scorsese’s 1982 film The King of Comedy about a delusional comedian.

The studio has officially described the film as an “exploration of a man disregarded by society [that] is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale.” Production on the project is set to get underway this September in New York City with a budget of $55 million.

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The Joker Justice League DC ComicsThe Joker is more than just a thorn in Batman’s side. The Clown Prince of Crime has taken on various members of the Justice League and lived to laugh another day. His dastardly plots are dangerous for everyone, and sometime he wants to take on an opponent who doesn’t know him as well as Batman does. Out of the entire superhero community, Batman clearly knows Joker best, so it makes sense that sometimes he wants to stretch his creative muscles and try and take down other heroes.

The character may physically just be a human being, but he still poses a threat to god-like figures like Superman and Wonder Woman. He may hurt his hand if he directly punches the last son of Krypton, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hurt him just as easily as he can anyone else. No matter how confusing he may be, Joker’s an intelligent, ruthless villain who happily picks on anybody he wants.

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