Mark Millar’s ‘Nemesis’ No Longer In Development At Fox, Moves To Warners Bros.

Mark Millar, the man responsible for creating Kick-Ass and Kingsman, had another property in development at FOX. Millar’s Nemesis has been in the works over at FOX for a while with Joe Carnahan directing, but production has stalled for quite some time. Tracking Board is reporting that Nemesis is jumping ship to Warner Bros. for production.

In the exclusive report Tracking Board states that Ridley Scott’s Scott Free is still attached to produce and Joe Carnahan is still attached to direct the film. It’s an interesting move for Warner Bros. because they already have their hands full with their current slate of DC Comics properties. This also shows that WB now sees the value of Comic Book movies and are taking them very seriously this time around.

Given how succesful Millar’s Kingsman and Kick-Ass were as films, it’s strange that FOX allowed this one to get away. With all that said, what do you guys think of the move from FOX to WB? Is it a good or a bad move? Sound off in the comments below!

SOURCE: Tracking Board

(Nate Brail)


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