10 Characters Gary Oldman Could Play In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

10. Chameleon


As an actor, Gary Oldman has proven himself to be quite the chameleon. Just look at his Oscar-winning performance in The Darkest Hour. Why not take that one step further and have him actually play Dmitri Smerdyakov, a.k.a. The Chameleon? The web-slinger’s oldest supervillain, he debuted in the very first issue of Amazing Spider-Man, but he has yet to make the jump to the big screen. However, I think he would be a great villain for this younger version of Peter Parker and Oldman could be fantastic in a role like this.

Chameleon oftentimes gets overlooked in Spider-Man’s pantheon of supervillains, but he is a character that you could do a lot with on the big screen. It would be a lot of fun to see someone as versatile as Oldman as the Marvel Universe’s resident Master of Disguise. That ability might also assist in making the 59-year-old actor more of a believable threat to Spidey by having him simply be disguised as another person during a fight scene. Another way around that problem is to just team him up with another villain who is more of a physical threat to the hero, such as Chameleon’s half-brother Kraven the Hunter, another major character who has yet to appear in the film world.

Jeff Grantz

Jeff Grantz

Jeff Grantz is an Atlanta-based writer, filmmaker and host of The Amazing Nerdiverse Podcast (on iTunes and YouTube).

  • Rammy

    Walton Goggins for Mephisto!

  • Shannon Michele Patrick

    Gary Oldman should play these top 5. 1) Chameleon. 2) Mysterio. 3) Kang the Conqueror. 4) Mephisto. 5) J. Jonah Jameson. I see Gary playing those villains.

  • Sage Rogers

    In my opinion, this lists #1 misses by just a little. When I see Gary Oldman, Ben Urich come screaming to my mind. So if you ask me, #1 should not be the owner of the daily bugle, but it’s top reporter.

    • Jake Brower

      Urich’s already in Daredevil.