20 Marvel Movies That Could Be Made After Disney’s Fox Acquisition

Captain America: The Invaders

Fox Marvel Movies Captain America: The Invaders

The Pitch: In Captain America: The First Avenger, there was a time-skip mid-movie showing how Captain America helped in the war effort, something that Marvel could easily expand upon if they so wished. There’s more than enough reason for them to do so, as the success of Wonder Woman proved that there’s interest in period-piece superhero movies. The studio is already working on a Captain Marvel movie set in the ’90s, but there are a number of lesser-known superheroes tied specifically to the World War II era that have yet to be capitalized upon, and ones that likely won’t get a spotlight otherwise. And although he wasn’t made at the time, there’s another Marvel character who chronologically lived through WWII that could be introduced here: Wolverine.

Why Marvel Should Make This Movie: Technically speaking, nothing’s stopping them from doing this as it is — they own all of their old characters, with Namor and the Android Human Torch being the only question marks at the time that The First Avenger was made. But I think that this movie would be the perfect opportunity for the company to reboot Wolverine into the setting without necessarily rebooting the Wolverine film series, much like how Captain America: Civil War rebooted the Spider-Man franchise again before Spider-Man: Homecoming. James “Logan” Howlett has been given a long lifespan as a result of his Mutant abilities, and his status as a WWII vet is something that could use more of an exposure on film than the two brief scenes from the first two Wolverine movies. Wolverine could also introduce the previously-unknown history of Mutantkind into the setting in a way that’s a bit more believable than what a standard X-Men reboot would allow at this point.

Presuming that Marvel gives their newly-acquired division the time necessary to wrap things up with their current X-Men movies (something that might happen with the current Deadpool series, since there’s clearly an incentive to keep making them the way they are), the one thing they wouldn’t have to worry about is who would be using Wolverine. Fox has made it clear that the character has been retired in their setting and that, while they planned to recast him eventually, that was before they heard that their company’s head honcho was selling their film division. Ergo, Disney and Fox can complete a Wolverine-less X-Men universe while also introducing Wolverine into a new setting to help usher in the inevitable X-Men reboot.

Grant Davis

Grant Davis

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