Marvel Releases Trailer For ‘Wolverine: The Long Night’

Wolverine The Long Night MarvelMarvel has released the trailer for their highly anticipated scripted podcast, Wolverine: The Long Night. This is Marvel’s first-ever scripted podcast, which the are producing alongside the audio content network, Stitcher.

Wolverine: The Long Night follows agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall as they arrive in Burns, Alaska to investigate a number of killings tied to a feared serial killer. The two agents team up with the town’s deputy, Bobby Reid, as they begin to investigate their main suspect, Logan. Their investigation into the killing lead them down a dark path of mystery and corruption in the small town.

You can listen to the trailer here.

The podcast is written by award-winning comic writer and novelist, Ben Percy (The Dead LandsGreen Arrow), and directed by Radiotopia’s Brendan Baker. The collaboration between Marvel and Stitcher brings together veteran heavy hitters from both the comic book and podcasting industries to breath life into this unique story.

On the themes and supernatural elements he is drawing from to use in Wolverine: The Long Night, Ben Percy had this to say:

“It’s very easy to turn up the volume on reality there. In addition to the crime investigation into the serial killer on the loose, there are also elements of the fantastic. And some of them have to do with Wolverine as his legend grows in this area, as people observe him bounding through the mists with packs of wolves; as they witness him save and end lives. I’m also drawing from the native legends in the area and from cultish mythology. There is a compound set up outside of the towns of Burns, Alaska, where the Aurora cult is located. And it’s unclear at first whether they are implicated in the murders that are occurring here and whether they might have powers, as they purport to — a connection to and a control over the fabric of light that plays over the winter skies.”

Wolverine: The Long Night is produced by Marvel’s Daniel Fink and Stitcher’s Jenny Radelet. The series stars Richard Armitage, Scott Adsit, Bob Balaban, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Zoe Chao, Chaske Spencer, Jordan Bridges, David Call, Michael J. Burg, and Lannon Killea.

The 10-episode series will air weekly exclusively on Stitcher Premium starting on March 12, 2018. It will receive a wide release across all podcasting platforms in the fall of 2018.


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