10 Marvel Villains Who Should Appear In The ‘Black Panther’ Sequel

10. Ezekiel Stane

Ezekiel Stane Marvel

Typically associated with Iron Man, Ezekiel Stane is a unique villain who would work well in the Black Panther world. The son of Obadiah Stane, Jeff Bridge’s character from Iron Man, Zeke has been developing bio-weaponry and futuristic tech for criminal networks since he was a child. Created by Matt Fraction back in 2008, Zeke is an incredibly driven, selfish individual who doesn’t care if laws get in his way. Instead of being driven by a desire to kill Iron Man, he simply wants to make his tech seem obsolete in comparison.

Now that Wakanda’s place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is becoming more firm, regular people will soon discover how technologically advanced the country is. While some people will recognize it as a blessing for most of the world, it’s likely Zeke would see this as a direct challenge to his mental superiority and spring into action. As T’Challa has to worry about defending his home and keeping the outreach centers safe, there’s a big opportunity for Zeke to confront Shuri. One of the fan-favorite characters from Black Panther, Shuri’s role in the film would also increase if another genius, technology-based character was brought into the fold.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • ieyke

    #1 should be Klaw.
    Not just human “Klaue”, but the full-blown being of sonic energy that is the real Klaw.
    It wouldn’t be remotely hard to explain, since Wakanda is a land infused with weird energies, necromantic magic, spirit worlds, gods, and soon the Mad Titan Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet.
    Klaw has every excuse to show up in his sonic energy form.
    Movie Klaw is already the 2nd best Black Panther character after Shuri.
    We need more of Andy Serkis’ maniacal lunacy, but this time even MORE unhinged and MORE dangerous.

    • Jared M. Bobak

      agree as much as i loved black panther i thought the biggest flaw was killing off one of the source materials best overarching villains in favor of a flash in the pan “killmonger” dont twist my words jordan killed the role, but killmonger is a b villain, to have him kill off a sometimes teambuster like klaw just gives them less great characters to draw from.

      • ieyke

        Klaw has a load of different ways he could easily come back though. He was a dude with a vibranium weapon built into his arm, and he was taken and buried (or whatever) in a land where vibranium has weird effects on the wildlife, and the spirit world appears to be connected to it…
        Plus, there’s Thanos mucking about with Infinity stones in what appears to be Wakanda.

  • Jaxon Lopez Tavares

    Princess Zanda would be interesting too, love her as a character! Or Razorfist?
    Both appeared in the prelude comic although I would only choose one of them, as that dynamic could be similar to Killmonger/Klaue. Also like the Kraven the Hunter idea and think a Namor/Black Panther movie should be saved for the 3rd BP film. Too epic to rush into it right away as the sequel will probably drop in 2020 and they should hint or show Atlantis before that.