10 Marvel Vs DC Matchups That We Would Love To See

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DC Marvel Comic Book HeroesThink back 30 years ago, a time without the current Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, a time where fans were limited to just comic books and imagination to bring these characters to life. We currently live in one of the most prosperous generations for both Marvel and DC as the two companies have become major Hollywood powerhouses. It is clear that both Marvel and DC are here to stay in the world of film and television and bring us quality content moving forwards.

When you have two very powerful fan bases, as Marvel and DC do, debate will inevitable stem from these groups. Fans love to see two great characters battle it out and fans particularly love to debate Marvel vs DC battles. It is very rare that we see crossovers from the two companies, leading to a lot of speculation between fans. One thing we all can agree on however is the fact that these battles are just as amazing as they are polarizing. While it is highly unlikely we will ever see any crossovers between Marvel and DC on the big screen, it is fun to think about a few potential matchups.

Here are a few character clashes we would love to see on the big screen. Click Next to get started!

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  • BGdaRaiderKing

    Vandal Savage vs Wolverine!

  • Canbuhay

    Vixen vs Black Panther, Cyborg vs Iron Man, Martian Manhunter vs Vision, Cyborg vs Brainiac, Joker vs Captain America, Bumblebee vs Wasp, Zatanna vs Madame Web , Dr. Fate vs Dr. Strange, Killer Croc vs Lizard, Beast Boy vs Mystique, Fire vs Magneto, Ice vs Iceman, Constantine vs Prof X, Metallo vs Colossus, Batgirl vs Shadowcat, Raven vs Magik, Starfire vs Rogue, Nightwing vs Gambit, Green Arrow vs Hawkeye, Harlequin vs Gwenpool, Joker vs Deadpool