First Look At Shocker In ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Revealed

cbf-spider-man-xdTV Line has revealed the first look at Herman Schultz aka Shocker from the upcoming Disney XD animated series, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Cameron Boyce will remain within the Disney family as the young Descendants star is set to voice Hermann Schultz on the series. His character has been described as a “driven young scientist who creates new, wearable technology with his best friend Clayton Cole.” One of which will be the gauntlets Shocker uses to control vibrations. Airing August 26, the episode will feature Herman as he applies to enroll at Osborn Academy and ends up against Clayton as they compete for a coveted spot at the prestigious school for geniuses.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a new animated series from Marvel Animation. The series will feature a 15-year old Peter Parker and tell the origin story of how he discovers his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes the iconic web-slinger. Miles Morales, Marvel’s African-American and Puerto Rican Spider-Man, as well as Gwen Stacy aka Spider-Gwen will also be featured alongside Peter.

You can check out the image below which includes the first look at Herman Schultz aka Shocker.


The voice cast includes Robbie Daymond as Peter Parker along with Nadji Jeter as Miles Morales, Laura Bailey as Gwen Stacy, Melanie Minchano as Anya Corazon, Max Mittelman as Harry Osborne, Fred Tatasciore as Max Modell, Scott Menville as Doc Ock, John DiMaggio as The Jackal, Alastair Duncan as The Vulture, with Joe Quesada as Joe, the owner of Cup of Joe, Nancy Linari as Aunt May, and Patton Oswalt as Uncle Ben. Here’s the official synopsis:

Peter Parker is accepted into Horizon High – a high school for brilliant young scientific minds. He struggles with the duality of his social life at school and hiding his secret identity of Spider-Man from everyone including his best friend, Harry Osborn, who attends the competing Osborn Academy for Geniuses. As Peter embraces his alter-ego, and battles against super villains like Vulture, Lizard, Doc Ock and Hammerhead, he is forced to watch Harry slowly descend to the wrong side of good and evil.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is set to premiere on Disney XD August 19.

Source: TV Line

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