Matt Reeves Remains Committed To ‘The Batman’

Batman ReevesTheWrap reports Matt Reeves is still very much committed to developing the next Batman film for Warner Bros. and DC Films.

Fans recently began to speculate that Reeves may be exiting the project after the latest episode of Open Mic with John Campea in which the move pundit revealed he had heard a bit of bad news related to the DC Extended Universe. He also added that what he heard is “100% true.” Campea, however, would not reveal what the information actually was but assured it would come out at some point.

According to TheWrap, an individual close to Reeves has confirmed that the possibility the writer-director is dropping out of the project is “not true.” Per the source, Reeves is currently “writing away.”

The last update Reeves himself provided on the project was that he had broken the story and was in the process of outlining it. Since then, Reeves has taken on a producing role with Netflix to adapt Life Sentence, a short story from Matthew Baker, as part of a first look deal with the streaming giant to produce through his 6th & Idaho production company.

While Batman actor Ben Affleck is reportedly expected to appear in Flashpoint, the standalone Flash film that is still in development, he may not be appearing as the Dark Knight in Reeves’ upcoming standalone. The writer-director was reported to be planning to search for a new actor to star in the film. Rumors have linked Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm to the role, but there’s been no official confirmation that either of the actors are actual contenders for the project.

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Source: TheWrap

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