Merchandise For ‘Suicide Squad’ Will Be Aimed At Adults

During the 2015 Las Vegas Licensing Expo, Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced info on their merchandising plans for DC films. Batman V Superman Merch will be aimed at Children and Suicide Squad will be aimed at adults. 

At the Licensing Expo, Warner Bros. consumer products released a statement revealing that their marketing strategy is to 

offer a targeted licensing and merchandising program focusing on collectors and adult fans in support of Suicide Squad.

Batman V Superman merchandise will go the opposite route aiming at kids with Mattel manufacturing

a wide range toy line, including action figures, role-play, playsets and collectible figures, highlighted by the fan-favorite Movie Masters line.

Other merchandising plans include Lego sets, Role Playing items from Thinkway, costumes from Rubie’s Costume Co., footwear from Converse and accessories from Junkfood and Bioworld.

The fact that Suicide Squad Merchandise will be aimed at adults leaves me with one question, will the Suicide Squad film be aimed at adults with and R rating? 

Suicide Squad Hits Theatres August, 5 2016!

(Nate Brail)

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