7 Movies Still Worth Catching In Theaters In 2017

7. Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Sep. 22nd


When Kingsman: Secret Service came out in 2014, a lot of people were surprised at how entertaining it was. A fun, spy-thriller for the modern era, the Kingsman universe is full of fun gags, great actors and awesome visuals. Now, Matthew Vaughn is returning to bring everyone’s second favorite British spies (obviously Bond is still number one) back to the big screen as they face an even bigger threat.

Like John Wick 2 before it, Golden Circle makes the movie’s world bigger by forcing the main characters to go outside their home cities. With the help of the American spy agency, the Statesmen, Eggsy is back and ready to battle the Golden Circle, a mysterious, Illuminati-like organization with Julianne Moore at the head. Throw newcomers Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal and Jeff Bridges into the mix and Golden Circle has the flair to please everyone.

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