‘Mute’ Teaser Released; Full Trailer To Debut This Tuesday

Duncan Jone’s Mute is set to have its trailer debut this Tuesday, January 30th, after releasing a brief teaser for the film today. The teaser introduces audiences to a futuristic Berlin which is set forty years from today.

In the teaser, we see quick glimpses of the futuristic city with its neon lighting and flying cars, as well as the characters of Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd. You can check the teaser out below:

Jones, who has previously directed Source Code and Warcraft, described the film as the marriage between the world of Blade Runner and the narrative of Casablanca. Jones has also confirmed that the film is a spiritual successor to his debut film Moon, which starred Sam Rockwell – who will make a cameo in Mute.

Berlin. Forty years from today. Leo Beiler, a mute bartender, searches for his missing girlfriend, Naadirah, in the rolling city of immigrants where two American surgeons are the only recurring clues.

Directed by Duncan Jones, Mute stars Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, Seyneb Salah, Nikki Lamborn, and Sam Rockwell.

Mute is set to hit Netflix and select theatres on 23 February.

Versions Of Spider-Man Who Should Appear In ‘Into The…

The first trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse set the internet ablaze. Fans praised not just the gorgeous animation but the fact that the main character would not be Peter Parker but instead Miles Morales, the other famous character to pick up the wall crawler’s mantle.

Spider-Verse in the comics was a popular story arc that saw all the different Spider-Man across the Marvel multiverse coming together to fight a common threat. It allowed Marvel to run deep into their lore and mini-series to bring back popular incarnations of the web-head. Readers loved seeing Spider-Men from different storylines and time periods meeting for the first time.

Into the Spider-Verse as a movie concept seems to be hinting at a similar storyline. Miles Morales is not only the lead character, but the first teaser was also built on the concept that Peter Parker isn’t the only one to wear the mask. The trailer ends with Miles talking to someone (most likely Peter Parker) asking how many more are out there.
Since Sony only has control of the Spider-Man property, mining the multiple incarnations of the hero makes a great deal of sense. Not bound by the continuity or rules of the tradional Marvel Cinematic Universe, the animated film opens a whole realm of possibilities.

Here are the ten versions of Spider-Man we want to see in Into the Spider-Verse. Click Next to get started!