Neal Scanlan Takes You Inside The ‘Rogue One’ Creatures Shop

This behind the scenes look goes into the creatures shop and reveals how Bistan the space monkey was brought to life in Rogue One.

Every Star Wars film is known to blend state of the art CGI with boundary-pushing practical effects, most notably with creatures that help fill out the background and bring Lucasfilm’s Star Wars universe to life and the recent Rogue One: A Star Wars Story featured some of the coolest creatures in the franchise yet.

Disney Channel UK has made available online a video which takes you behind the scenes with Creature Effects Supervisor Neal Scanlan and the hosts of Disney Channel All Access Areas to offer a look into the magical process that Scanlan describes as a problem-solving process:

“We have to make things that we’ve never made before. Each creature has its own challenges and so we have to solve those. So it’s a problem-solving thing as much as anything else.”

Scanlan says that if there was any creature from Rogue One he’d want by his side in battle it would be the space monkey Bistan and I’d have to agree. Bistan was no doubt the coolest creatures seen in the film. But if I had to choose a different creature to storm the beaches of Scarif with me in Star Wars: Battlefront it would be the mighty Gigoran called Moroff. Moroff — who was part of Saw Gerrera’s Rebel extremist group — was seen on Scarif in the marketing campaign for the film but unfortunately was cut out from the third act which was actually the right call considering he seemed to have met his demise earlier in the film during the destruction of Jedha City.

This behind the scenes look also offers a glimpse at Ponda Baba, Warwick Davis’ unnamed character as well as Moroff and even reveals just how the space monkey Bistan was brought to life. Bistan was performed by a man in a suit along with an operator off camera remote controlling the head.

Check it out below!

Source: DisneyChannelUK

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

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