Neil Gaiman Made Sure ‘American Gods’ Adaptation Didn’t Step On Potential Sequel

American GodsAuthor Neil Gaiman worked closely with creators Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and Michael Green (next month’s Alien: Covenant) to craft the adaptation of his 2001 modern fantasy book American Gods, the eight episode first season of which makes it debut at the end of the month. His close involvement not only allowed him to help the duo out of some tight narrative spots, but allowed him to protect his interest in the long-teased sequel to the acclaimed novel.

Speaking with EW, Gaiman said the factors preventing American Gods 2 from being written was his time and priorities.

“The big problem I have is having a maximum of one body and one set of typing fingers at any time. Mostly what’s happening is, in the last couple of years, I finished the six-hour-long adaptation of Good Omens for the BBC. I’m wrapping up the Norse mythology book, and right now I’m about a third of the way through the next Neverwhere novel, which is what has to be finished next because it’s the next thing in my head. And then after that, I will probably write a children’s book because there are at least two in my head right now that are jumping up and down, looking rather like small kids desperate to use a toilet, waving their hands going, ‘Me! Me! Look, me, now, please!’ And then I’ll probably start American Gods 2, if there is still a will to write.”

That puts an American Gods 2 at least a few years done the line, perhaps in the early 2020s. As a Gaiman fan who has nonetheless shamefully not read the first book, at least he’s giving me time to catch up. I can’t speak as to how many seasons they pry out of it or how soon the next novel would have to arrive for the show to avoid a Game of Thrones.

“There were moments, which they were very good about listening to, when I would say, ‘Okay, nobody but you two knows anything at all about the plot of American Gods 2, but I need to tell you that this line, which seems like a bit of dialogue that you could lose, will become important. Or this little scene — an indigenous scene — which seems trivial will become important one day and if we get to season 5, we’ll need it then, so let’s put it here now.’”

The show is already renewed for a 10-episode second season, which was the original episode count for season 1 until creative decisions resulted in the show being short. Namely, episode 3 is already two episodes spliced together and Fuller and Green nixed the original season finale, choosing instead to end the first season on a cliffhanger.

“I don’t know that I went the full Rowling on this. I was there putting it all together, working with Bryan and Michael, bailing them out when they’d get in trouble. I would get occasional phone calls — not a lot — but a phone call every now and then saying, ‘Okay, we’re stuck. We’re trying to do this, but it’s not working. We don’t know how this thing happens. What do we do?’ And I’d say something, and they’d say, ‘Oh my God, that solves everything!’ And I would feel like my day was made.”

I had the privilege to preview the first half of season 1 last week, and I called the show “experimental, dream-like, and perhaps a bit too inscrutably clever for its own good. Nonetheless, it is a great example of a simple story told exceptionally. Whether it is exceptionally well or exceptionally bad will depend on you.” Check out the full review here.

American Gods premieres April 30 at 9 p.m. on Starz.

Source: EW

5 Elements From The Comics We Hope To See In ‘Dark Universe’

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News has been circulating around the internet recently about the revival of DC ‘s Dark Universe (or whatever they are calling it) movie and has gotten fans excited. The property, based off of the Justice League Dark comics from DC, was initially brought to life by Guillermo Del Toro a few years back. It had looked to be a lost cause after Del Toro had to drop out of making it, though there was a script he penned floating around which led to plenty of will-they/wont-they speculation.

With director Doug Liman jumping ship from Fox’s Gambit production to come aboard and helm this project, it seems Warner Bros. has finally begun to lay a foundation for the film. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the books, so to hear that this is greenlit and set to star all the regulars like Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman and Etrigan has me extremely excited. And it’s being directed by the guy who made Edge Of Tomorrow! I’m all in.

Considering this, I decided to talk about a few things from the source material that I hope will find some way to be incorporated into the film or possible future installments.

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