Netflix to be Exclusive Pay Chanel for Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar

Netflix has finalized their deal with Disney to be the exclusive pay-TV provider for all their films from 2016 and beyond. This deal will include films from Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar franchises. This deal goes in effect this September for all Disney movies that are from 2016 and beyond.

This deal has been in the making since 2012 when Netflix outbid HBO to gain the rights to play Disney films. Pay subscriber Starz will still have rights for certain Disney films that were made prior to 2016, such as the Captain America films and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The deal does not affect deals Disney has made with DVD rental services like Redbox, or cable providers On Demand programming.

Having the exclusive rights to a plethora of Disney properties is bound to increase viewership for the streaming channel. So if you want to see any Disney properties, you better save your $8.99/month.

Source: Netflix

Khalil Johnson

Khalil Johnson

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