New Deadpool Figure From Play Arts Shows Off Incredibly Armored Suit

Play Arts Variant Deadpool 006

Deadpool has skyrocketed to one of the most popular comic book characters out there due to the large success of the character’s motion picture that was released this past February. Now fans of the smart-assed mercenary have a new toy to play with.

Square Enix’s Play Arts line of figures has become known for it’s quality and attention to detail, as well as it’s tendency to create it’s own spin on classic characters such as those of DC and Marvel fame. The company has released countless figures ranging from all types of Justice League and Avengers characters, and their latest offering provides us with a heavily armored version of everyone’s favorite Deadpool.

Play Arts Variant Deadpool 003

The figure looks really cool, and sort of brings to mind the recent Deathstroke suit we were shown in that brief clip from Ben Affleck a few months back. Even some similarities to The Flash’s suit in Suicide Squad can be seen, going for that high-tech futuristic combat suit we would be accustomed to seeing Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark build.

He has also got all the weaponry one could ask for, equipped with guns and swords galore. Initially revealed as a prototype in San Diego’s Comic Con International in July, the figure is 10.43 inches tall and features full customization with interchanging parts, such as a display stand, four knives, two swords, and three different heads for varying degrees of facial expressions.

Now here is a Deadpool you can make your own. Priced at a cool $150, the item can be pre-ordered and is set for a May 2017 release.

Here are some more photos to get you excited and give you a better idea of what to expect from the whole package:

Play Arts Variant Deadpool 001

Play Arts Variant Deadpool 002

Play Arts Variant Deadpool 004

Play Arts Variant Deadpool 005

Play Arts Variant Deadpool 007

Play Arts Variant Deadpool 008

Play Arts Variant Deadpool 009

Play Arts Variant Deadpool 010

Source: Toyark via Comic Book

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    Sooo…. Deathstroke?

    • Vegas82

      I was thinking this is what Deadpool would look like if Tony made his suit for him in the MCU…

    • tigerface

      Slade Wilson, Wade Wilson… yeah if you’re just now realizing Deadpool is a Deathstroke knockoff…

      • SAMURAI36

        Oh, I’m well aware, and that was my point. With the armor (which DS exclusively wears, and DP doesn’t), DP looks even more like the DS knockoff that he already is.

  • tigerface

    Looks cool.