New ‘Deadpool’ Graffiti and Christmas List Tease Magazine Cover

As the internet continues to celebrate 12 Days of Deadpool, the fourth offering in this twelve-day promotional event is brought to you by Empire Magazine. An image tweeted by Empire this morning shows the eponymous hero of the upcoming Deadpool film with a can of spray paint as he tags his own logo on a brick wall.

Between the words “COMING SOON” tagged on the wall and the tweet’s caption (“Watch this space…”), a second offering was greatly foreshadowed. This was delivered in the form of Deadpool’s “X-Mas Wish List.”

The wish list alludes to Deadpool’s love of pancakes, as well as his love of loud gunplay, incessant talking, and breaking the fourth wall. He also references Beast of the X-Men. One of the more hidden allusions to the Deadpool film itself is the second item on the list: Monster Magnet’s Greatest Hits. The tenth track on this album is “Negasonic Teenage Warhead,” the name of Brianna Hildebrand’s character in the movie.

Aside from references to Deadpool and its starring anti-hero, the list also appears to tease Empire Magazine’s next issue. The penultimate item on Deadpool’s list is to appear “on the cover of the world’s biggest and best movie magazine,” and Empire’s tweet promises to make his wish come true. Not only does this imply that the character will be appearing on an upcoming Empire Magazine cover, but the magazine is likely planning some featured content that may provide some information on the film itself.

Empire featured several Suicide Squad characters on their December covers, and the January issue of Empire has already been revealed to feature Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If they plan to feature a promotional cover for Deadpool, it likely won’t release until February rolls around. The film itself is slated to open on February 12, 2016.

Source: Empire Magazine

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