New Flash Season 2 Promo Released

Fans desperately waiting for some new footage for the second season of The Flash have had their prayers answered. A thirty-six second promo titled “New Threats” has hit the web. Check out the teaser below!


There are many things to get excited about in this new trailer, but most fans will be focused on one big reveal. That is our first true look at original speedster Jay Garrick. Not only that, there are also new looks at villain Atom Smasher, the Flash signal, returning characters like Cisco, and, of course, everyone’s favorite scarlet speedster Barry Allen!

What do you think? Does this promo get you even more pumped for season two of The Flash? Let us know below!

You can catch the return of CW’s The Flash on Tuesday, October 6.

(Flynn Altomare)

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Heroic Staff

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