New Image Reveals Best Look To Date Of Jay Garrick On ‘The Flash’

Wormholes, Parallel Universes, Two Flash’s, Oh my!

During the season finale of The Flash it was hinted at that Jay Garrick would make an appearance when his helmet flew through the singularity Barry used to travel back in time to save his mother. It took a few months and the producers not only announced that it was official, but they announced who’d be playing the “Crimson Comet”. Teddy Sears(Masters Of Sex) was announced to play the Earth 2 speedster at SDCC’15.

Although he was announced back in July, we haven’t gotten much imagery into what his character would look like. Sure, The CW released an image that paid homage to the ‘Flash of Two Earths’ cover, but that was blurry and the first trailer he was featured in gave him a glow that didn’t help you get a good glimpse.  Now Sears has taken to Instagram to give us a closer/kind of better look at him in his Jay Garrick get-up. 

 You can check out his Instagram post below

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The Flash returns next Tuesday at 8 PM on The CW!


Nathaniel Brail

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