New ‘Luke Cage’ Image Released

Luke Cage banner

San Diego Comic Con is nearly upon us, and with that new information and images from the biggest properties showing up at the con are already hitting the web. USA Today has received a new image from Luke Cage to get the excitement brewing.

Luke Cage exclusive

In the image, Cage appears to be at some sort of night club or bar in this image, looking at what seems to be a woman in the foreground on the left. It’s unclear as to where this takes place in the series, but the image does give hints to the visual tone of the series. To me, this image looks like a flashback, but we won’t know for sure until September 30th.

The Luke Cage panel at SDCC is Thursday at 5:45-6:45pm PST, so keep checking back for more news on Marvel’s latest Netflix series.

Luke Cage drops all episodes on Netflix on September 30th.

Source: USA Today

Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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