New ‘Powerless’ Clip Shows The Pitfalls Of Using Kryptonite

Powerless Still

For the angry mob of critics and fans who rained down the full fury of the internet on Man of Steel for showing Superman and General Zod inadvertently (on Superman’s part) killing hundreds of innocent civilians in their boss battle, this is the show for you. It’s also for the casual viewer and more forgiving DC fans, but the former group might get more closure from it.

Powerless is an action comedy TV series that is set in the DC universe, and focuses on a small group of regular humans whose job is to make products that protect other ordinary people from the messy skirmishes of the superheroes who populate their world. It’s the story of the little man, which can often be difficult to sympathise with when you’re engrossed in the adventures of Batman or Wonder Woman. The questions this show asks are spun in a comedic way, but it does open a can of worms everyone has been trying to keep closed: is there superhero-level event insurance? Does living in Gotham increase premiums? Are earthquake-proof buildings effective against an invulnerable being with a vendetta?

A short clip from the upcoming show has been released that gives viewers a taste of the kind of issues Vanessa Hudgens’s Director of Research and Development at Wayne Security (yes, that Wayne) will have to deal with.

Check it out below:

The clip introduces a spate of bubbly characters who seem to embrace the dangerous world they live in with a dash of good humour. It does make you wonder how the employees got a hold of that much kryptonite, however…

Powerless stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk and Ron Funches. It will premiere on NBC on February 2nd.

Annabel Hynes

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