New ‘Rogue One’ Logo And Saying Revealed On Cast And Crew Item!

Some things that were given to the cast and crew of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have hit eBay! They are currently up for auction here. Shout out to for the find. On one of the bags we see an all new logo! I really love it!

It’s very cool to see this, as we of course haven’t hit the Rogue One marketing surge yet, so we haven’t seen much at all from it at this point. We will very soon though! There is most definitely no doubt about that. I see a lot of you wondering where everything for Rogue One is. It’s all coming soon, just hold tight. That first teaser isn’t far off, that’s for sure.

Check it all out!

The Aurebesh underneath the logo says “Go Rogue”! That’s really cool! I definitely can see them using that quite a lot in the marketing. That could be showing up on a lot of different things. It sounds awesome! I’m sure there will be some terrific shirts that will say that on them with different designs. Yes! Now I can’t wait to have one. How about you? That seems great!

This is terrific to see! I’m really happy that it popped up and we have our first look at this new logo and the saying, “Go Rogue”. We will be getting the first teaser soon, and I’m so excited to see what exactly they decide to show us in it. We should hopefully be getting character names soon as well. I will be ecstatic once we have them! Soon!


Heroic Staff

Heroic Staff

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