New Species of Ape Takes On The Skywalker Family Name

Star Wars has become a major staple in pop culture, from books to movies to toys, Star Wars knows no bounds. Now, science discovery has crossed over with the galaxy far far away. Scientists have been studying and observing a new type of ape, known as a gibbon, for some time now in the forests of southwest China. The gibbon has been declared a new species of primate and now has been given a formal name.

The species will be called the Skywalker hoolock gibbon. The name was chosen because the Chinese scientists are big Star Wars fans and because of its scientific name meaning “Heaven’s moment.”

Check out pictures of the Skywalker hoolock gibbons here.

Mark Hamill took to Twitter to celebrate the announcement, “So proud of this! First the Pez dispenser, then the Underoos & U.S. postage stamp…now this! #GorillaMyDreams #SimianSkywalker #JungleJedi.”

Dr. Sam Turvey of the Zoological Society of London, explained that locating these animals was an extremely long and intense process.

“It’s difficult to get into the reserve. You have to hike up to above 2,500m to find the gibbons. That’s where the good quality forest usually starts – everywhere below there has been logged. Then you have to wake up really early in the morning and you listen out for the haunting song of the gibbons, which carries in the forest canopy. And when you hear it, you rush through the mud and the mist, and run for hundreds of metres to try and catch up with these gibbons. The low number of surviving animals and the threat they face from habitat loss, habitat fragmentation and hunting means we think they should be classified as an endangered species.”

Source: BBC via

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