New ‘Star Wars’ Music Video By Chinese Justin Bieber

When you think of “Star Wars theme song,” you probably recall the melody played throughout every film’s opening scrawl. In China, however, the official theme song for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Lu Han’s “Inner Force.”

Lu Han is a veritable pop sensation, with a Guinness World Record for acquiring the most comments on a single Weibo post. This would be more surprising if he didn’t have close to 12 million followers and legions of young female fans. Between his youthful looks, his massive internet success, and his appeal to young women, Lu Han is considered by many to be the Chinese equivalent of Justin Bieber.

Just in time for the Chinese release of The Force Awakens on Saturday, January 9, Lu Han has released this fun music video featuring tons of footage from the movie. While some of this footage was not seen in trailers, those who have not seen the film need not worry about too many spoilers. (Trust us. We’ve watched it many times.) The film also features Lu Han donning his Jedi robes as Disney’s honorary Jedi ambassador to China, as well as footage of him singing in a warehouse that looks like it could easily have come from the set of Footloose.

Without further ado, please enjoy “Inner Force” by Lu Han.

Source: THR

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