UPDATE: Next ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Attached To ‘Doctor Strange’


UPDATE: Director Patty Jenkins tweeted a hint that the new trailer will arrive on Thursday. There’s a chance that Warner Bros. could release a trailer sneak peek before the full trailer drops, so be sure to keep an eye on Heroic Hollywood for more updates. You can check out the tweet below.


Last week, it was reported that the newest trailer for Wonder Woman was classified for an upcoming release. Now, Trailer Track is confirming that the trailer will be seen in North American theaters this coming weekend, attached to Marvel’s Doctor Strange. For fans already excited to see the big screen debut of the Sorcerer Supreme, fans will get another glimpse at Wonder Woman’s first cinematic solo outing.

Based on how trailers are released online these days, we can expect to see it debut sometime before Thursday. Although it would have made sense for Warner Bros. to release the trailer just in time for their upcoming Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I’d say that attaching a trailer for their next superhero outing to another comic book film makes more sense.

What are you guys most excited to see in the newest trailer? Words cannot describe the anticipation that I have for Patty Jenkins’ take on the most iconic female superhero in all of comic books. Also, Gal Gadot was a standout in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and after having a taste of what Wonder Woman can do in a smaller role, I am more than ready to see her first standalone outing.

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.

Wonder Woman will hit theaters on June 17, 2017.

Source: Trailer Track

Noah Villaverde

Noah Villaverde

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  • Invincibillie

    The Wonder Woman movie will target the same audience as Dr.Strange so it makes sense, I can’t wait to see it. What i want out of this WW trailer is Bullets and Bracelets and a better look at Themyscira, that’s all I want

  • Jay Kelley

    Villains. My guess is the Duke of Deception.

    • Joshua Sorrels

      I’d much rather Ares or CIrce or Cheetah

      • Jay Kelley

        I was hoping for Duke since he was her first villain in the comics. With the conflict centered around one of the World Wars Duke makes perfect sense.

        • SAMURAI36

          Him and Paula Von Guntha as well.

        • Joshua Sorrels

          although the amount of bloodshed in ww1 would give ares so much power, it would almost be a waste to save him for a less bloody time.

      • unpaidpundit

        The Duke of Deception is a lackey of Ares, so he could be a warm up for Ares as the villian of Wonder Woman II.

  • Rob

    OH! OH! DC fanboys who hate Marvel with all their being are in a real conundrum. They desperately want to see the Wonder Woman trailer on IMAX, but so do not want to contribute to Doctor Strange’s box office.

  • jollybrah

    It makes more sense to attach it to another superhero property. Because odds are that if they are going to see a superhero movie then a trailer for an upcoming superhero movie will play better because they already have the targeted audience there.

    • SAMURAI36

      They could wait for Fantastic Beasts, and get the same audience, plus that much more.

      • jollybrah

        Or they could show it in front of both and get even more?

  • Origami Rose

    just more new footage.

  • unpaidpundit

    It is good for the comic book (film) industry for DC and Marvel to play off each other. The competition creates more variety and interest among fans. For Warner Bros. to use “Dr. Strange” as a springboard for Wonder Woman makes sense, because both properties will be of interest to “Dr.Strange’s” audience.

  • razorstar90