‘Nightwing’ Director In Negotiations For ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

Nightwing DC ComicsChris McKay is a busy guy. The director, hot off the success of The Lego Batman Movie, was almost immediately swooped up by Warner Bros. to develop and helm a Nightwing solo movie for the DC Extended Universe. While occasionally teasing fans with tidbits of news on the progress of everyone’s favorite ex-sidekick, it seems McKay has opted to take additional projects on in dead period before Nightwing is in full swing. Announced earlier today, McKay is in negotiations to direct Dungeons & Dragons for Paramount Pictures.

This long-delayed film is coming out almost twenty years after the critically panned (yet oddly beloved) Dungeons & Dragons in 2000. Hasbro, the official owners of the rights to the film, has moved the project from Warner Bros. to the newly formed AllSpark Pictures in conjunction with Paramount Pictures. AllSpark Pictures is intended to be the launching point for a line of Hasbro branded film projects, with the intention to rival the box office power of Marvel Studios. It is unclear if future Transformers movies will transition to the newly branded studio.

While this may be somewhat of a let down for fans eagerly awaiting Nightwing, it is important to remember that Warner Bros. has a very specific release schedule for its DCEU movies and that regardless of whether or not McKay chooses to direct Dungeons & Dragons,  Nightwing is still years away from swinging into theaters.

The good news is McKay has previously announced that the draft for Nightwing is almost complete and that fans should be expecting big news about the film later this year.

Both Nightwing and Dungeons & Dragons have no current release date.

Source: Variety

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Nightwing DCSo Michael Cera’s appearance as Dick Grayson in The LEGO Batman Movie wasn’t enough for all you Nightwing fans, huh? Well, Warner Bros. is listening and has decided to give Heroic Hollywood’s number one sidekick his own movie. The LEGO Batman Movie helmer Chris McKay has been named the director of a Nightwing movie no one saw coming. Nightwing’s place in the DC Extended Universe is up in the air. How long ago did he quit being Robin? Are he and Batman speaking right now? Why wasn’t he mentioned in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

While the movie will likely answer all those questions, I expect it will also serve as an introduction to a different corner of the Batman universe. Batman might be in it for a scene or two, but the movie will need a supporting cast to help Nightwing appear as the kickass, sociable character he is. Bruce Wayne has got the brooding down, but former circus performer Dick Grayson knows how to have fun in a way his mentor doesn’t.

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