Norman Reedus Insists ‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 Will Answer Fan Questions

It’s not a stretch to say that the season six finale of The Walking Dead left fans disappointed and wanting more answers. After an entire season leading up to the villain , fans got no closure to which main character wouldn’t be returning for season seven.

Norman Reedus spoke with IGN and explained that he understands the uproar that took place after the season six finale but next season will not dissapoint.

“Yeah! I mean, the truth of it is that it’s very precious to us, what we’re doing, and it’s our thing we’re doing out in the woods. It would almost be doing it a disservice to us to go around blabbing about it, because we put so much work into it, and it’s so personal to us that we almost don’t want to talk about it too much, because it’s private and personal, and you’ll see it.”

He address that season six cliffhanger head on, he added that this type of move really got conversations going between fans.

“It’s well worth the wait, that cliffhanger, I will say that. This season that we’re doing now is going to answer every question, and it’s well worth the wait — well worth the wait.

Well, I mean, everyone’s got an Instagram and a Facebook and a Twitter, and everybody wants to know everything right now. ‘We deserve to know everything right now!’ You know, cliffhangers have been happening ever since television started. And I like that there’s so much enthusiasm for this show. Everybody’s so invested in it, and we are too, but you make art sometimes to start conversation, and having people talk about what you did is kind of a compliment no matter what they’re saying. So I get it. I mean, I like watching television and being pissed off and wanting to throw something through the TV too, but that’s part of the excitement! I like that kind of thing. So I’ll say it again: It’s well worth the wait. You’ll get it, and you may wish that you… [Laughs] You know what I mean. Sometimes you want things to happen, you don’t want things to happen, and they happen, and you’re like, ‘DAMN!’ So, you know, just be ready.”

Are you looking forward to more Walking Dead or are you turned off after that bloody cliffhanger finale? Comment below and lets discuss!

Source: IGN

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