‘Once Upon A Time’: Do Snow & Charming Get A Happily Ever After?


The Season 6 premiere of Once Upon A Time on Sunday night left viewers wondering if we will get to see our heroes have a happy ending.  They are based on fairytales, after all.  This will be a major theme this season. What is a happy ending? What does it look like for our various heroes?

One question sent in by a Oncer to Michael Ausiello of TVLine was concerned one couple in particular.  While we have already discussed Captain Swan at length, this surronds Emma’s parents: Snow and Charming.

Snow and David will at least attempt to get a better bead on their own “happily ever after,” now that Neverland, memory wipes and Hell are behind them. In Season 6, “They’re back in Storybrooke, trying to make a life for themselves there,” says co-creator Adam Horowitz, “so we’re trying to dig more into what daily life is, what normal is.” And as that regards the princess and prince, “In an early episode, you’re going to see Snow White ask the question, ‘What is normal? And how do we get back to it?’ That’s something that she and Charming strive toward.”

If anyone deserves a happily ever after it is these two. I think they will definitely struggle with what “normal” really is as they have never really experienced it in either realm.

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Source: TVLine

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