Original ‘Fantastic Four’ Concept Posters Portray A Much Different Film

For many years to come, many will wonder just exactly what went wrong with 2015’s Fantastic Four. While the film had quite a bit off promise in it’s start, the ending became about as big of a mess, which seems to match up with the production of the film behind the scenes. Even the film’s posters didn’t quite flame on and after looking at these original ideas for the film’s posters, you’re definitely going to wish they had gone with artist Dave Rapoza’s ideas. 

Rapoza had been hired by 20th Century Fox’s marketing department back in 2014 to previsualize a set of posters for the film and as we clearly know, they chose to go a different more Photshopped route with the film’s marketing. While speaking with iO9, Rapoza commented on the project and what inspired these designs.

The first thing I really wanted to focus on, outside of the single character shots, was the team coming at us as a unit. I never liked when teams of characters like this seemed to function as individual heroes in movies, doing their own thing, so I wanted to make the compositions seem like they were flowing together. I tried to make them feel like they were mixing together as they rushed forward at the viewer, as a team.

Check out the posters in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: iO9

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Shawn Madden

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