‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Director Reveals The Movie’s Planned Runtime

Pacific Rim Uprising John BoyegaSometimes, longer isn’t necessarily better – and that’s what Pacific Rim: Uprising director Stephen S. DeKnight thinks, opting to have his film gun for a tight running time instead of spending too much time in the world of Kaiju and Jaegars.

Talking with Collider representatives at this year’s New York Comic Con, DeKnight believes that he doesn’t think the next movie in the series should be overly-long, aiming for a running time that’s closer to two hours than two hours and thirty minutes:

“It’s resting right around two hours. I always shoot for two hours. If I was doing Lawrence of Arabia it would be a little longer, but otherwise I think the two-hour mark—this is just for me as somebody that loves movies and watches movies, two hours is always right around the sweet spot. If it’s much less than two hours then I start to get a little suspicious, if it’s much more longer sometimes a movie will support that but sometimes you just get a little worn out.”

When asked about the specifics of where the movie is so far in the editing bay, DeKnight added that right now it’s a bit longer than the first movie – although that’s subject to change as the final cut comes closer to fruition:

“I think my director’s cut was 2 hours 18 minutes, around there. It was in the ballpark, and then I got a chance to step back, look at the movie, talk with the producers, really kick the tires and it’s kind of like the last rewrite of the script. There are things that suddenly became very clear that you don’t need this, you don’t need that, you can move this over here, the story is much cleaner and much more exciting that way.”

The original Pacific Rim was two hours and twelve minutes, so depending on how much gets cut in the editing room, there’s a chance that the sequel might actually be a few minutes shorter than the first one. Of course, what matters with these sorts of films is that they’re good above being long – and one only hopes that an original IP like this will have legs to produce future installments in an age where there are so many franchises that are made up of remakes and adaptations.

Pacific Rim Uprising makes waves on February 23, 2018. The film’s cast includes John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeney, Jing Tian, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Burn Gorman, Levi Meaden, Adria Arjona, Karan Brar, and Nick E. Tarabay.

Source: Collider

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It’s also the chance for many major films and television shows to have their cast meet the fans and showcase what’s to come in the near future from their products. This year was no different as we got to see a wide range of trailers for upcoming movies, among other things. Many of these trailers were hits with fans and continue to generate excitement, but some were better than others.

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