Paramount And Hasbro Announce New Production & Distribution Deal

Transformers: The Last Knight Bumblebee Optimus PrimeWith a pair of G.I. Joe films, five entries into the Transformers franchise, plus the upcoming Bumblebee spinoff in 2018, Paramount and Hasbro Inc. finally took their relationship to the next level. It was announced early Friday that the two companies will be teaming up to produce and distribute live action and animated content based on Hasbro brands, including original stories.

Hasbro’s Allspark Pictures and Allspark animation will be playing an active role with Paramount Pictures in a deal that should be providing content that stretches far beyond the Transformers franchise. Hasbro’s Chairman and CEO Brian Goldner certainly seems pleased with the arrangement after over a decade of working with Paramount.

“Paramount has been a valuable partner of Hasbro’s for more than a decade, and we’re looking forward to taking our relationship to the next level,” Goldner said. “Storytelling, in its many forms, is revolutionizing our business and differentiating Hasbro in all sectors where we operate. We look forward to collaborating with the talented team at Paramount to create powerful new stories for kids, fans and families globally.”

Goldner wasn’t the only one with positive words about the deal as Paramount Pictures Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos also spoke highly of Hasbro, as the two companies will be partnering on financing projects while also collaborating on television programming.

“Hasbro has an enormous array of exceptional brands, so this expansion of our relationship is incredibly exciting,” Gianopulos said. “We look forward to working with Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis and the Hasbro and Allspark teams to create extraordinary film properties for all audiences.”

Though terms of the deal were not disclosed, it’s known that Paramount will be distributing the projects during the deal’s five-year term. Greg Mooradian was recently given the responsibility of live action film and television projects as the president of Allspark pictures, while Allspark Animation will be led by Meghan McCarthy.

With DC and Marvel’s presence between live action films, animated movies and TV shows, it’s no wonder why Paramount/Hasbro wants to step into the ring in a major way. What do you make of the deal though? More importantly, what new projects do you want to come out of it? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Deadline

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