Patty Jenkins Becomes The Highest-Paid Female Director Of All Time

Patty Jenkins Learn - Wonder WomanWonder Woman helmer Patty Jenkins is officially the highest-paid female director of all time.

The Hollywood Reporter has now disclosed details regarding her newly closed deal to co-write, produce, and direct the Wonder Woman sequel, revealing Jenkins will now be the highest paid female-director in history. According to the trade, Jenkins will receive directing and writing fees in the high seven figures (between $7-9 million) along with a considerable backend to come. It’s a massive jump in pay compared to the first film, which Jenkins was paid $1 million to direct.

Jenkins had been vocal about returning for the sequel from the start but it was revealed in June that she did not have a deal to return in place, nor did she have an option. Warner Bros. reportedly wanted to make sure that film was received well by both critics and fans before greenlighting a sequel with Jenkins returning to direct.

Negotiations for Jenkins to return began following the film’s opening weekend which managed to take $103 million for its weekend opening at the domestic box office, setting the record for the highest domestic opening weekend for a film directed by a woman in history. Jenkins went on to surpass the $609.8 million made by Mamma Mia! at the global box office, making the DCEU’s first female-led installment the highest-grossing live-action film directed by a woman and set the record for the highest grossing female-directed film of all time sans a male co-director over Kung Fu Panda 2‘s global take of $665.7 million.

Wonder Woman has now grossed a total of $410 million domestically and $816 million worldwide.

Wonder Woman 2 is currently slated to hit theaters December 13, 2019. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the future of the DCEU as we learn it.

Source: THR

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