The Penguin Will Change For The Worse After Being Shot On ‘Gotham’

The Penguin GothamAfter a romance of sorts was brewing between The Penguin and The Riddler on Gotham, things took a turn for the worse. The Penguin decided to kill Nygma’s girlfriend, which resulted in Nygma shooting him. Sadly, this doesn’t make Cobblepot want to become a better person, quite the opposite in fact.

“It’s going to say, ‘They didn’t work out,’ and it’s going to turn him quite hard in the opposite direction. We really saw a softer side of Oswald through a lot of this year. The Oswald who rises again is going to be someone who is much darker and much more vicious. He’s not letting anyone inside the way he did with Ed, in a way that he feels makes him weak,” said executive producer John Stephens.

Well, they all had to become villains somehow. And it seems like this will be the primary catalyst for Penguin’s fall into darkness.

Gotham returns this week to start finishing up season 3.

Source: Cinemablend

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