Peter Jackson Has A Highly Impressive Movie Prop Collection


Peter Jackson is known for bringing the world of Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit to life on the big screen but he also has a side hobby, one that includes collecting props from movies. Recently, Adam Savage (Mythbusters) was able to take of tour of Jackson’s impressive collection, which features some iconic props, costumes and other pieces of cinema history.

The latest purchase that Jackson made for his collection was the faceplate for Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Jackson said that it was a piece that made a huge impression on him during his childhood.

“It came to us and this was separate (the faceplate and the Nikon lens). I have to tell the rest of the story because this was separate. It had been stored and came to us like this, something like that (shows example), and so this was supposed to be Hal, and I thought “Well how does that, it doesn’t, am I missing a glass thing or something, and I don’t even think I though to undo the lens cap. I just thought oh okay, well this doesn’t look like Hal to me but maybe I’m missing some bit, and then Adam comes along about ayear ago, comes along here and says “oh no no no no no” and he sort of pulls it apart and then sticks it back in gets it working for me, and it’s been a hit ever since. Anyone that comes here now I can just show it off and it’s a really good hit.”

The collection also includes props from The Planet of the Apes and Thunderbirds.

Check out the full tour here:

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