New Photo Shows Off Prop Knives For ‘Halloween’ Sequel

HalloweenIn a brand new photo posted to Blumhouse Productions’ official Instagram account, the studio showcases four prop knives being used in the production of the new Halloween sequel. Of the four knives shown, three are clean while the fourth is covered in blood, teasing a possible murder scene being filmed.

You can check out the knives, accompanied with the caption “Tools of the trade.”, below:

Tools of the trade. #MichaelMyersMonday #HalloweenMovie

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After all these years, it’s comforting to see Michael Myers staying true to his terrifying brand of weapon.

Blumhouse Productions is the studio responsible for producing the low-budget horror hits such as SplitThe Purge, and the Oscar nominated Get Out. With the return of John Carpenter to the Halloween series, as well as Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her original role, Blumhouse is sitting on an almost sure fire hit that will sit up there with the best of its produced movies.

Halloween is directed by David Gordon Green, based off a script penned by himself and Danny McBride. The film stars Jaime Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Virginia Gardener, Miles Robbins, Will Patton, Toby Huss, and Nick Castle as Michael Myers.

Halloween is scheduled to be released October 19, 2018.

10 Secrets Behind Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Series

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Spider-Man Trilogy Sam Raimi SonyTom Holland’s Spider-Man is a full-fledged member of the Avengers, but the character has a long history on the big screen. Before Captain America: Civil War and the (not so) Amazing Spider-Man series, Sam Raimi helmed a trilogy starring everyone’s favorite web-head. A B-horror director with a flair for silly moments, Raimi was the perfect choice to bring this quirky character to life.

While they’re far from perfect, Sam Raimi’s movies are gems within the superhero genre. Behind all the whimsical energy and the jokes is a stable of great characters who carry the series forward. No matter how efficient and effective the trilogy is at bringing joy to audiences, there are still a few behind-the-scenes secrets that people don’t know about.

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