Possible Major Detail About Batman’s [Spoiler] In ‘Batman v Superman’ LEGO Comic

The LEGO sets for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may include spoilers for the film in the form of an accompanying comic book. Possible spoilers are to follow, so cease reading now if you’d rather keep yourself in the dark.

The comic book does not feature any dialogue, but it appears to answer a few questions people may have had from the trailers. One of the most notable questions that it may answer is why Batman is holding a gun in the final shot. Many fans speculated that it was probably something a little more than your average firearm, and it appears that they may be right. Pages from the comic leaked online, including the following image.

While quite blurry, the image appears to show Batman using a kryptonite gun in order to gain the edge over his opponent. If Doomsday is to be a clone of sorts, created using the DNA of General Zod, it would certainly make sense for him to wield this same gun in the climactic battle alongside Superman and Wonder Woman.

This may answer one major fan question, but it’s far from the only possible spoiler contained in the comic. Check out the gallery below for all of the leaked pages, and note a few interesting scenes. The first interior page leaked involves Batman using the Bat Signal to draw in Superman (not much of a spoiler) while the last page of the interior appears to show Wonder Woman flying as she takes down Lex’s helicopter. This last bit was potentially spoiled ages ago by a leaked image of LEGO box art, but it’s interesting to see it popping up again.

Naturally, you may want to take these with a grain of salt. While the comic is meant to pay tribute for the film, it’s also to entertain children who purchase LEGO products. There’s no confirmation that any of the scenes in the gallery above will appear in the film, aside from specific shots that have been shown in the trailers.

If they are real, however, look forward to seeing Batman’s kryptonite firearm with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases on March 25.

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